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Catering and food solutions for hotels

If your hotel is looking for a catering provider for hotel staff, C`est Bon is your right partner


Catering services
  • Provision of breakfast, lunch, dinner and late dinner (24/7 and 365 days)
  • Provision of sandwich packs
  • Provision of packed lunches
Food services
  • Provision of semifinal/frozen ready to cook/eat products and meals
  • Provision of peeled potatoes, carrots, onions
  • Provision of cleaned and washed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers
  • Provision of vacuum packaged ready to use beef, chicken and turkey


Health, safety and environmental issues are the most important factors relating to our business. C`est Bon place great emphasis on the relevant regulations and procedures being strictly adhered to.

Our objectives are: 

  • Safer, healthier and environmentally friendly business
  • Creation of a positive HSE culture throughout the operations
  • Minimum environmental and health impact
  • Consciousness in all HSE issues

C`est Bon’s policy is to provide safe and healthy workplaces and to encourage safe and environmentally safe working practices amongst the staff. C`est Bon fully acknowledges its responsibility on provision of safe working conditions and protection of the environment. In pursuit of our business goals, we will seek to minimize the wastage of raw materials and energy, and to minimize harmful emissions resulting from our activities.

Catering Services

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