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Providing low in saturated fats and high in fiber and vitamins meals for Schlumberger.

C`est Bon was awarded a contract for providing catering services for Schlumberger office and workshop at Salyan highway. C`est Bon set up the kitchen and all infrastructure on site for effective production and serving of food. C`est Bon services was covering:

  • Provision of lunch
  • Provision of sandwich packs
  • Canteen management
  • Coffee and tea stations services
  • Provision of packed lunches
  • Provision and operation of professional kitchen equipment

 Schlumberger company has the strictest HSE rules and policy in the industry and we are glad that C`est Bon can fully follow those rules with 0 cases. Health, safety and environmental issues are the most important factors relating to our business. C`est Bon places great emphasis on the relevant regulations and procedures being strictly adhered to.

2nd November 2011

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+99450 262 58 88

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