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We believe that C`est Bon’s success depends on four main principles: People, Service, Food quality and Marketing



To achieve strategic goals and daily objectives, C`est Bon needs professional, responsible, motivated and dedicated people. Our human resource policy is designed to help people to feel proud to work for C`est Bon and feel comfortable working for us. We will always improve our human resources management policy and introduce the systems which motivate people to work with C`est Bon over the long term. 

Food quality

We believe that with fresh, natural and high quality food we will gain and retain our customers, making them loyal to our brand. The kitchen and food production and packaging areas must be clean, and maintain the highest HSE and hygiene standards. Moreover, all people involved in that process should strictly follow the rules set.Fresh, natural products and ingredients should be used during food production in all C`est Bon restaurants. We prohibit the use of any chemicals, additives and preservatives. Customers who visit our restaurants should be 100% sure that the food here is always fresh and natural. All products which we use in food production we buy from local suppliers. For that reason, we require all our suppliers to respect our requirements and quality standards. During the entire process of buying of products and food production, we conduct regular quality tests to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets all HSE and hygiene standards set by our company and Azerbaijani law. In the future, we plan to introduce a unified system for selection of suppliers and purchase of goods. It will allow us to control the process and assure quality. 


It is very important for us to keep all of our customers informed about our menu, food, ingredients we use, prices, and how to access our food and services. It is also important that the interface between company products and services and our customers is always “user-friendly”. All the principles mentioned above are the core of C`est Bon. Not enough attention to any one of these principles would slow down the company’s development and achievement of our goals and targets. That is why it is the priority of senior management to share these principles with all staff members to ensure that they understand and are ready to follow them.

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