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C`est Bon is a fresh food company, aiming to create handmade natural, fresh and high-quality food while avoiding any chemicals, additives and preservatives

Mission and Philosophy

  • The core of the company’s philosophy is fresh food. We want our customers to gain only a positive impression from our services and food.
  • The core of our business is customer satisfaction. All operational and strategic activities of C`est Bon are aimed at making customers happy.
  • Our main goal is to transform from a local small business into a global trans-national company.
  • We aim to build a more sustainable business in all areas:  food quality, service, price, community relationships, suppliers, partners and government.
  • We equally respect our customers and employees, regardless of their religion, culture and belief. In our activities we do our best to make them comfortable with our service and food.
  • Our long term strategy is to transform C`est Bon from a local business into a global business and have a chain of restaurants around the world. We plan to introduce unified corporate standards in all aspects of our business to make C`est Bon the world’s leading  catering company.
  • We hope to make C`est Bon a very prestigious workplace. It is important for us that all employees of C`est Bon are well paid, provided with proper work conditions and good benefits.
  • We have built our business based on high HSE standards, and don’t want to harm the environment. Moreover, all people who work with C`est Bon will be provided with safe conditions. It is the obligation of management and each staff member to comply with HSE standards.

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