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For us, quality starts from the buying of ingredients and continues through transportation, storage, processing and selling and delivering

Food Safety

We are proud that our kitchen and food production and packaging areas are clean and meet the highest HSSE and hygiene standards. Moreover, all people involved in that process strictly follow these rules, and before getting a job at C`est Bon, they get intensive training on food safety and HSE.

Our long term aim is to introduce the world’s known standards (HACCP, ISO,) in food production, operation and management processes. We pay great attention to the training of all staff members in order to develop and maintain the high standards of food quality and safety. Our procedures and policy are open for everyone to get access to them and for staff to follow. 

Most ingredients used in our food production we buy from local suppliers. For that reason, we require all our suppliers to respect our requirements and quality standards. During the whole process of buying products and food production, we conduct regular quality tests to  ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets all HSSE and hygiene standards set by our company and Azerbaijani law. In future, we plan to introduce a unified system for selection of suppliers and buying of goods. It will allow us to control the whole process and assure quality. 

We always care about the quality of food when we deliver to offices or apartments. We use special packages which enable us to deliver you food without affecting quality. 

We are proud that we can always control the food quality and so win customers trust. Because only by having trust can we build a global business and beat our competition.

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