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The core of our business is to do our best to satisfy customer’s needs and make them happy with our food and services

Customer service

We really want to let our customers enjoy our food without any problems and obstacles, and allow them to have access to our food and services in all parts of the world. For that reason, we want to be a global company which has restaurant chains in all countries with consistent menus, service, business formats and interiors.

We want to let all our customers have access to the food which doesn’t conflict with their religion and beliefs. We respect our customers equally, regardless of their religion, culture and beliefs. In all of our activities, we do our best to make them comfortable with our service and food.

Being customer focused C`est Bon tries to:

  • Serve the customers with sincerity and courtesy
  • Earn the customers’ trustValue and respect customers’ views and suggestions
  • Improve services in our continuous pursuit of excellence
  • Satisfy customers’ expectations by aligning our business processes with best practices

For us customer service is more than just selling food. For us customer service goes beyond the:

Quality of food

We believe that by always having fresh, natural and high quality food, we will win and keep our customers, making them loyal towards our brand. Our kitchen, food production and packaging areas must be clean and maintain the highest HSE and hygiene standards. Moreover, all people involved in that process should strictly follow the rules set.

No damage to health

All our customers can be sure that the food they eat at C`est Bon has no risk to their health. To ensure this, we control the entire process starting from buying ingredients to transportation, storage, processing, sale and delivery of the products,. Moreover we require all our suppliers to respect our requirements and quality standards. During the process of buying products and food production, we conduct regular quality tests to make sure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets all HSE and hygiene standards set by our company and the law.

Value for money

We want our customers to obtain the maximum benefit from the food and services they buy from C`est Bon. We want to make sure our customers feel that in comparison to other restaurants or cafés, C`est Bon is the best place to buy food and service. To prove this, we have introduced several bonuses and advertising campaigns to help our customers to get maximum benefit from C`est Bon.

Reliable and sustainable service

We want to provide our services and food to all our customers without any obstacles and disruption. During the heavy snowfall in 2006 and 2007 in Baku, where there was disruption to transportation and electricity supply, C`est Bon was only company which continued to deliver its food and service to customers. Here at C`est Bon our strategy is to be a reliable business partner and have always long term cooperation with all customers.

Serving with a smile

We want our customers to have only positive impressions about C`est Bon’s  service and food. You will notice that all our staff members always smile when they meet and serve you both in our premises or at your place. For us, smiling is expressing our readiness to deliver food with positive emotions.

Respecting customers

We respect our customers equally in all our activities and try to make them comfortable when they visit our restaurants or use our services.

Quick Service and excellent package

We try to serve our customers as quickly as possible. Quick service doesn’t mean that we should forget about our main philosophy – “fresh and natural food”. The convenient and attractive packaging is the main component of customer service policy of C`est Bon. Moreover, people who are dealing with the packaging of food are highly trained in hygiene standards.

Always advice to customers

At C`est Bon we don’t have sellers or waiters! All of our staff members who work with customers are Customer Services staff. This is because their job is not only to sell food, but also to advise the customers on food, ingredients, campaigns, bonuses, and menus. All of our staff regularly gets trained on how to serve and advise customers professionally and politely.

Easy access to company

Customers can easily access C`est Bon food and services by [web site, hot line, facebook page, etc].

Open access to information about food and ingredients

It is our obligation to provide access to information about food and ingredients (where and when we buy) we use for production of food.

Surveys and studies

We regularly conduct periodic surveys and studies to find out how our customers rate the quality of our food and services we provide. Based on these surveys we improve our food and service quality.

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